You Left The Wrong Man - Paul Smith - Tales From A Broken Heart (CD, Album)


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  1. Rixton released "Me And My Broken Heart" in Nine years earlier, Rob Thomas released "Lonely No More". Comment on the parts you think sound alike.
  2. Help this broken man’s soul, help this broken man’s soul. Now I’ve sung these words so many times before But I never felt anything see I wanted something more Then it came like rushing waters to these old dry and dusty bones You’re life-giving words pick me up and take me home So, help this broken man when the road is long.
  3. Mar 10,  · Boxcar Willie, born as Lecil Travis Martin, adopted the 'old-timey' style of country music. 'Boxcar Willie' was originally a character from .
  4. A broken man, that's what I am. And when you think you've had enough just say stop, I understand. You'll stop your tears from building up inside, baby, stop your trembling hands. And when you hear him say, "I don't want your love." try not to turn away, ooh. A broken man almost died of a broken heart. A broken man, that's what I am. I'm a.
  5. Loving someone who is troubled or broken is not an easy task. It takes time invested and compromises. You learn that there are some things you will never be able to fix for him, no matter how hard you try; simply because you are not the person who caused this pain. In order to love a broken man, there are some things you should consider. Be Patient.
  6. Do you feel like a man When you pin her down and rape her? She doesn’t want to have sex with you Yet you force her to You think she’s enjoying it But inside she’s hoping for you to die. Do you feel like a man When you’re so high you can’t even remember your name? And you hold her by her throat Because you think she stole your drugs.
  7. best song on the album! TZ Comment by TheMisanthropist. I love your ability to take a beat and slow it down then throw some deep shit in there. TZ Buy Wrong Man (ft. Ariana DeBoo & Dave B) Users who like Wrong Man (ft. Ariana DeBoo & Dave B) Users who reposted Wrong Man (ft. Ariana DeBoo & Dave B).
  8. A Broken Man poem by Ray Hansell. A love thats been lostA love not meant to beThat seems to be the story. Page.

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