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  1. Ecstasy (43) IMDb 1h 27min 13+ Eva has just gotten married to an older gentleman, but discovers that he is obsessed with order in his life and doesn't have much room for passion. She becomes despondent and leaves him, returning to her father's house.
  2. Ecstasy, MDMA (3,4, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), a euphoria-inducing stimulant and hallucinogen. The use of Ecstasy, commonly known as “E,” has been widespread despite the drug’s having been banned worldwide in by its addition to .
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  4. Ecstasy, rapture, transport, exaltation share a sense of being taken or moved out of one's self or one's normal state, and entering a state of intensified or heightened feeling.
  5. Ecstasy for me was however just milk toast. I remember reading the book awhile back and I feel as if most of it was lost on its transfer to celluloid. In fact, wasn't most of what was in the book left missing? Basically you have Lloyd who is an average druggie and dealer. It's not like he's an awful person but definitely a self-indulgent one.
  6. A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control: an ecstasy of rage. 3. The trance, frenzy, or rapture associated with mystic or prophetic exaltation. 4. often Ecstasy .
  7. How to pronounce ecstasy. How to say ecstasy. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more.
  8. Jun 19,  · Ecstasy is the street name for a version of MDMA. It is an illegal, synthetic drug classified as a stimulant with potentially hallucinogenic properties.

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